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Work-study students at Defontaine SAS

Within Defontaine SAS, 20 work-study students have joined the company for the year 2022-2023!

Why are they joining the company?

  • to learn a profession
  • to enrich their skills
  • to put theory into practice
  • to learn from professionals
  • to discover a flagship of French industry
  • to join an international group

Our 20 work-study students are under the responsibility of their tutors. They all have missions that they carry out independently. Our tutors ensure that the conditions for the students integration are in place. They also ensure that work-study students acquire essential professional skills teaching them the appropriate methods, processes, best practices and knowledge.
At Defontaine SAS, transmitting to young people is part of our DNA!?

Work-study is seen as a springboard. The group is aware of its social responsibility and has an ambitious policy for supporting young people wishing to train for its professions.

For Defontaine SAS, work-study students bring a fresh perspective and new skills to the company! A win-win situation for both parts!

Here is the list of our work-study students for this year 2022-2023:

  • Paul QUELLIEN – production
  • Raphaël GUILBAUD – production
  • Enzo LAMBERT – methods
  • Mathis GABORIEAU – maintenance
  • Mathieu PEROLAT – human resources
  • Vincent VRIGNAUD – computer & network systems
  • Brian CLERJAUD – accounting
  • Sven VELDSTRA – methods
  • Matéo DOS SANTOS – BEI
  • Elie ESSEUL – metrology
  • Jules LEBOEUF – mechanical
  • Pierre FONTENEAU – methods
  • Dorian BELLANGER – mechanical
  • Paul MABIT – methods
  • Tao LECOURT – electricity
  • Matys SANKARE – mechanical
  • Khézia ROBINEAU – purchasing
  • Inès ROULEAU – communication & marketing
  • Mickaël PINEAU – sales
  • Gaspard BOUCHET – maintenance

Thanks to the schools that trust us:

2 November 2022