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Flanges, casings and complex mechanical assemblies for helicopter engines and APUs

Defontaine, most valued partner of helicopter and APU engine manufacturers

Over 60 years of expertise recognised by major contractors in the industry

For 60 years, Defontaine has been a renowned manufacturer of flanges, casings and complex mechanical assemblies for helicopters and auxiliary power units (APUs), becoming a valued partner of the most prestigious engine manufacturers over the years, including Safran Helicopter Engines.

Defontaine’s ability to meet its customers’ orders for helicopter engines relies on its culture of innovation. Indeed, the Defontaine Group has continuously innovated in its manufacturing processes to keep pace with the technological developments in the helicopter market.

For example, the first projects were based on mastering the manufacture of flash-butt welded flanges. Defontaine also mastered machining and assembly on mechanically welded structures. Today, Defontaine offers complex mechanical assemblies, meeting the increasingly technical needs of major manufacturers in the industry.

  • 1 out of 3 helicopters operates with Defontaine parts
  • 75,000 turbines are equipped by Defontaine
  • Civil and military applications

Defontaine know-how for helicopter engine components

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Defontaine remains a most valued partner for helicopter manufacturers, controlling the entire production process.

We ensure the supply and qualification of the raw materials we use. We work with various materials and alloys (titanium, aluminium, stainless steel, cobalt, nickel, etc.). 

We process these materials independently on our production site, using specific forging, machining and assembly skills processes.

We master the supply chain for special processes, allowing us to offer turnkey solutions to our customers, and an exhaustive supply.

The organisation of our production workshops can meet the needs for reducing production cycles, from the development phase (FAST MAKE) to emergency management in AOG mode.

Defontaine helicopter flanges, casings and complex mechanical assemblies

Les brides, carters et ensembles mécano-soudés pour hélicoptère Defontaine

Defontaine flanges, casings and complex mechanical assemblies are designed for use on helicopters, auxiliary power units (APUs) and missiles.

A few examples of applications:

  • 2,000 hp: Makila, RTM322, Aneto
  • 1,000-2,000 hp: Arrano, MTR390, Ardiden
  • 1,000 hp: Arriel, Arrius
  • Legacy: TM333, Astazou, Bastan Turmo
  • APU
  • Missile

Defontaine, expert in flanges, casings and complex mechanical assemblies for helicopters and APUs

Defontaine is a French manufacturer, designing and producing flanges, casings and complex mechanical assemblies for helicopter manufacturers for 60 years. We offer innovative solutions and design turnkey parts.

Defontaine is a most valued partner of helicopter and helicopter engine manufacturers, providing expert advice and guidance in the design and manufacture of flanges, casings and complex mechanical assemblies. Working together to optimise performance.

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