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Slewing rings for the packaging industry

Rollix, partner of packaging industry professionals

Renowned expert in slewing rings for the packaging industry

Rollix is the slewing ring specialist, and has been equipping production machines in the packaging industry for 30 years. Millions of bottles are produced every day by machines using Rollix slewing rings worldwide.

The packaging and bottling industry is a very demanding high-output sector, therefore, we produce parts which can be incorporated into high-tech processes. For example, Rollix slewing rings come in diameters ranging from 100 millimetres to 4 metres for ever-increasing productivity.

  • For 30 years, Rollix has produced more than 20,000 slewing rings for bottling machines
  • Manufacture of customised parts or standard ranges
  • Long lifespan of the parts: 15 to 20 years

Why choose Rollix for your slewing rings in the packaging industry?

Rollix provides high-reliability slewing rings for the packaging and bottling industry. Rollix has been a key player in this market for many years.

Rollix exports high-reliability slewing rings, standing out among competition all over the world. 

The rings withstand higher rotational speeds due to the quality and design of the specific Rollix raceways and gears. 

All stages of the Rollix slewing ring manufacturing process are handled in-house: research and development, testing, manufacturing, inspection and logistics. Grinding of the raceways provide longer lasting slewing rings.

Our high-quality products require very little maintenance. Rollix is involved in all stages of the production process, particularly for PET bottles, from heating the preform, blowing & filling to labelling the finished product.

machine de conditionnement de précision équipée de couronnes d'orientation rollix

Rollix slewing rings for the packaging and bottling industry

machine de remplissage SACMI équipée de couronnes d'orientation rollix

Rollix slewing rings with diameters ranging from 100 mm to 4,000 mm are used on all machines involved in the production cycle of a plastic bottle. Including:

  • Blowing 
  • Rinsing machine
  • Filling machine
  • Sealing and capping machine
  • Labelling machine

These slewing rings stand out due to their high-speed capability (up to 50 rpm for a 3-metre part), and also the control of axial and radial run-outs. Low and constant torque avoids hard points and overheating.

Rollix slewing rings can also be used for other packaging applications:

  • machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • printing on bottles or flasks
  • packing
  • etc.
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Rollix, expert in slewing rings for the packing and packaging industry

site de production defontaine rollix

Rollix is a French manufacturer, designing and manufacturing slewing rings for packaging machine manufacturers. We offer innovative solutions and design turnkey parts.

Rollix is a most valued partner of machine manufacturers in the packaging industry, providing expert advice and guidance in the design and manufacture of your slewing rings. We are at your side to optimise your performance.

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