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High standards for excellent partners

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A demanding group with excellent partners

The Defontaine Group is known for its long-term partnerships and remains open to the integration of new suppliers into its network. We value development, innovation and growth together with our suppliers, while maintaining high standards.

We implement digital and easy-to-use tools such as the SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) platform to work together on a daily basis.

SRM: the Defontaine Group supplier platform

The SRM platform has been specially designed for our suppliers.

Would you like to contact us to become part of our supply chain as a supplier?

The SRM platform is the only way to communicate with our Defontaine purchasing officers:

  • Easy to use: simply register, enter your details and direct your offer.
  • 100% digital, we connect you with the right Defontaine purchasing officer.
  • Available for all companiesin several languages.
  • As an integral part of the Defontaine Group,our platform allows you to be visible to the whole group.

Supplier partners of the Defontaine Group

We purchase a wide range of products and services from raw materials to equipment and subcontracting services.

A few examples: forging parts, foundry parts, rubber parts, machining subcontracts, equipment (machines and safety), consumables (tools, cutting tools), etc.

Become our supplier partner

Within the Defontaine Group, we offer our suppliers mutually profitable contracts: the opportunity to jointly develop future-oriented products and technologies and the possibility of gaining or expanding access to growth markets. We also expect perfect performance and service. Our high standards in terms of sustainability, quality, logistics, innovation and cost-effectiveness are also considered as validation criteria for the selection of our suppliers.

How to become a supplier to the Defontaine Group?

  • Check whether your product/service portfolio meets our needs.
  • Refer to our supplier code of conduct, which must be signed and applied by all our suppliers.
  • Start the registration process via our supplier portal (see below). The process includes global self-assessment, quality management self-assessment and confirmation of the supplier code of conduct.

If we are interested in your company profile and product portfolio, we will start the qualification process together. This step will require additional documents, uploading of certificates, specific questionnaires and verifications. Depending on the type of product, sample orders or orders for first article inspection and testing complete the supplier and product validation process.

You will be guided through all these processes without exception, via our supplier portal (see below).

Would you like to contact the Defontaine Group?

High standards for the selection of our subcontractors

At Defontaine, we select our subcontractors based on high standards:

  • We are committed to building long lasting relationships.
  • We enjoy working with competitive and proactive companies, to take part in our innovation process.
  • We are on the outlook for quality offers for products and services.
  • We aim to be carbon neutral by 2030. Therefore, we ensure that our suppliers share our environmental commitment.

Our commitment to sustainable and ethical purchasing

Human rights, fair working conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption – these values are not only important within our group. They also apply to our supply chain.

At Defontaine Group, we are committed to the United Nations Global Compact. We strongly believe in environment-friendly actions for our procurement processes and make contracting decisions based on economic, technical and procedural criteria.

matériaux en métal

Sustainability at Defontaine Group

Sustainabilityalso plays an important role in the Defontaine Group’s supplier management. We are continuously developing our processes, to increase transparency on the origin of raw materials and minerals in order to identify risks at an early stage.

This sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy. As a global industrial group, Defontaine Group develops innovative product solutions to ensure long-term success for our customers, and make a positive contribution to global development.

We are looking to the future:

  • Our decisions are guided by economic considerations, and also take into account ecological and social concerns.
  • Our development of successful products to strengthen the future sustainability of our business.
  • Employee satisfaction and environmental protection are also important aspects for the Defontaine Group.

Our spectrum of sustainability issues ranges from growth to resource efficiency, compliance and human rights. We use our engineering expertise to meet a global demand for more goods and services based on a more environment-friendly approach.

Compliance at Defontaine Group

Compliance is the key to good corporate governance.

Reliability, honesty, credibility and integrity are core values, part of our corporate philosophy. This objective already applies to the development of our strategic compliance measures and must be shared and applied daily by all employees, especially by our Managers, as a culture of values.

These clear commitments are complemented by our Code of Conduct and various Group guidelines mainly relating to anti-corruption and anti-trust provisions.

Serious information and reports help us to counter violations at an early stage and thus reduce the damage to our company, our employees and our business partners.

Therefore, we provide the possibility to contact us via several channels to anonymously report breaches of anti-trust, anti-corruption and money laundering acts. Defontaine Group and Corporate Function Compliance protect the interests of whistleblowers by setting up a secure reporting system and by committing to handling all information and reports received confidentially.

Would you like to know more about our purchasing conditions?

Download the code of conduct

our general terms of purchase