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Slewing rings

Guaranteeing the performance of your machines

Providing leading edge technology for your slewing rings since 1969

Rollix is a division of the Defontaine Group and offers a wide range of reliable and durable slewing ring available from 100 mm to 6,200 mm with or without gear, made of materials ranging from C45 to 42CrMo4, as well as more specific materials such as titanium and many other alloys.

Our unique raceway finish grinding process and precise pairing of each ring allow for optimal adjustment of the preload required for the application.

Since 1969, we have been continuously developing new technologies to meet the high performance requirements of our customers and to adapt to their application requirements. From construction to high precision markets, today we work together with over 3,000 of the most demanding customers in the industry.

  • Over 1 million rings installed worldwide
  • 95% of our production is exported to more than 65 countries on 5 continents

Standard or custom-made slewing rings

The quality and high precision of our products will ensure that your machines run smoothly and safely. Our range includes ball, cross roller bearing, and extends from standard slewing ring to customised rings according to your application requirements. Our design, research and development department, equipped with state-of-the-art test benches and calculation software, is at your service to offer innovative and adapted solutions.

  • Single or double row ball or roller bearings 
  • Slewing rings with external, internal, spur, helical gear or without gear
  • Steel, titanium, aluminium, etc.
  • Surface treatment and/or corrosion protection
  • Standard or specific seals
  • Lubricated-for-life rings, food-grade grease
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New range Rollix RT

Discover high precision combined
bearings for rotary tables

Our range of slewing rings

Our range of Rollix Compact slewing rings has been specially developed for precision applications. This top-of-the-range product is available preloaded, with or without gear and with cross rollers, and provides high stiffness combined with low torque. These compact design rings are supplied lubricated with Mobilux EP2 grease.

This range is available in 21 diameters.

  • Combined loads
  • Rolling elements: cross rollers
  • Torque: from 10 Nm
  • Dimensions: 148 mm to 2,455 mm
  • Ring material: 42CrMo4
  • Precision: from 4 microns

Our Rollix Compact slewing rings are used in robotics, machine tools, indexing tables, tool changers, turntables, welding cells, etc.

ROLLIX COMPACT: for precision applications

Download the precision applications range brochure
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Our Rollix RT (Rotary Table) slewing rings are ideal for applications requiring high positioning accuracy. The design of our RT range ensures high geometric quality and rotation accuracy. Our 3-row roller rings are interchangeable with the standard references on the market, while providing our customers with Rollix quality and service.

  • Combined loads
  • Rolling elements: 3 rows of rollers
  • Torque: from 15 Nm
  • Dimensions: 200 mm to 1,030 mm
  • Ring material: 100C6
  • Precision: from 4 microns

Our range of Rollix RT slewing rings is specially designed for rotary and indexing tables, machining centres, milling and drilling machines.

Détails de la couronne RT

Download the Rollix RT brochure
DOWNLOAD FILE: Precision range brochure – EN

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Our range of ball bearing slewing rings supports both axial and radial loads and overturning moments. We supply low, constant-torque products with a unique raceway finish grinding, preloaded to optimise the load capacity and the service life of the ring. Rollix ball bearing slewing rings are tested on our benches and have become a worldwide reference over the years, guaranteeing 100% reliability.

Our range of single-row ball slewing rings are used in hundreds of applications.

Ball bearing slewing ring

Our cross-roller rings are ideal for application conditions requiring both high rotation accuracy and stiffness. The crosswise arrangement of the cylindrical rollers in the raceways allows our rings to support loads in all directions.

Our range of cross-roller slewing rings is used for applications ranging from heavy duty robots to the world’s tallest aerial lifts reaching 100 metres, where stiffness ensures operator safety.

Ideal for applications handling high loads, the two rows of balls increase the load capacity of our rings and particularly meet requirements for high overturning moments. The simultaneous grinding finish of both raceways ensures optimum preload and torque. Our range of double-row ball bearing slewing rings is the market standard for wind turbine blades, shipboard and offshore cranes.

Double-row ball bearing slewing rings

Our Heavy Duty (HD) rings are specifically developed for applications requiring high axial or radial load capacity combined with overturning moments.

The positioning angle of the rollers is precisely calculated with respect to the forces, depending on whether they are mainly axial or radial, also allowing a high speed of rotation without overheating.

Special seals are available for dusty environments in mines or corrosive atmospheres on ships and offshore platforms. Our range of HD rings has proven to be reliable and guarantees full customer satisfaction even under the most extreme conditions.

ROLLIX HD: slewing rings for heavy loads

Our range of heavy-duty slewing rings is used for offshore cranes, offshore winch systems, azimuth thrusters, bucket-wheel excavators, large mining excavators, etc.

Discover our range of light series rings with L-shaped rings or solid sections. Their slimmer and lighter yet robust design is ideal for standard applications. Our rings are interchangeable with standard market products, and are also available with or without mounting holes depending on the required application. They are available in 3 preload ranges, and are suitable for a wide range of applications, providing an efficient and reliable solution at an optimised cost.

Our LIGHT SERIES slewing rings are used for turntables or light load handling systems.

LIGHT SERIES slewing rings

Are you looking for a slewing ring in stock?

Do you need a tailor-made product?

Why choose Rollix slewing rings?

Our cross roller bearing manufacturers meet your requirements. Our raceway grinding process along with the systematic pairing and preloading of our products guarantees the reliability and precision of our standard and custom-made slewing rings.

  • Detailed calculations of raceways and gears
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Automatic lubrication systems
  • Specific sealing
  • Standard products available from stock, including specific ranges such as COMPACT, RT
  • Reduced prototyping time

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Rollix is the expert in slewing rings, and will provide technical recommendations and calculations. Our engineers will provide the guidance you need to find the most suitable solution for your application. Our sales team will assist you throughout your project to provide reliable advice on how to optimise your purchase and performance.

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