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The strength of a global industrial group

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An international group

With almost 80 years of experience, the Defontaine Group is now one of the world’s leading companies in the design and manufacture of complex mechanical parts and sub-assemblies. Our 3 factories in France, China and Tunisia deliver to more than 1,300 customers on 5 continents, on a daily basis. The Defontaine Group is recognised for the quality of its products and services, as well as for its loyalty and proximity to its customers and partners.

Defontaine Group production sites

carte du monde représentant les points de production du groupe defontaine

Two iconic brands: Defontaine and Rollix

The Defontaine Group is present in all high-technology markets, particularly in the aeronautics, wind power, automotive, rail and nuclear power industries with its two brands:

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The Defontaine brand is a pioneer in flash butt welding and induction heat treatment; these processes have been supporting the development of the group for over 70 years. Defontaine produces complex mechanical parts and sub-assemblies in the most innovative materials for the industrial sector: aeronautics, defence, space, automotive, nuclear power, etc.

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The Rollix brand is a worldwide reference and has been designing and manufacturing slewing rings since 1969 for demanding applications in terms of capacity, service life and precision: wind power, machine tools, railways, radar, defence, offshore, medical industry, etc.

History of the Defontaine Group

Since 1946 the history of Defontaine is very closely tied to a land where the values of loyalty, perseverance and courage are combined with taking pride in a job well done. The group’s growth is based on its mastery of flash butt welding and induction heat treatment technologies, which enable the group to achieve exceptional technical and metallurgical results at very low production costs. The group first developed in the automotive sector, then, from 1967 onwards, in aeronautics and finally in the slewing ring sector.

Defontaine Group serves customers around the world, at the crossroads between our brands and technologies, and offers its customers high-technology mechanical parts and sub-assemblies designed and manufactured using the most advanced quality management methods.

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Our values

Defontaine is a key player in sustainable development and is well aware of the challenges involved. Our various certifications (ISO 14001, ISO 50001) demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection and improving energy efficiency.

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to better meet the needs and challenges of our customers

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with the factory of the futur “Defontaine 4.0”

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the importance of respecting our employees and partners

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full transparency in our partnerships

Expertise of the people working for Defontaine

Defontaine employees represent the foundation, strength and the future of the group. With their deep-rooted know-how, they continuously learn and innovate through daily contact with their customers.

Defontaine Group believes in transfer of knowledge and offers opportunities to the greatest possible number of people. The company is committed to promoting its activities. Defontaine provides training programs with Pôle Emploi (French Employment Centre) for vocational retraining. During these courses, old industrial trades such as machining and blacksmithing are developed to serve modern industry. 

Safety and well-being at work are our priorities. Local medical services, a lively company restaurant, a social worker and an active Committee for Employee Representation are available to meet the needs of our employees in their daily activities.

employé defontaine utilise une machine industrielle

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the Defontaine Group

The group's vision

Defontaine Group believes in its environmental mission and takes an active part in making the world a better place, in keeping with its sustainable development values. The specific measures implemented by the Defontaine Group prove that the company is:

un employé defontaine au commande d'un véhicule industriel

A key player in sustainable development and ecological transition with:

  • Use of French green electricity 
  • Waste reduction and recovery 
  • Zero plastic programme 
  • End-of-life recycling of our parts 
  • Development of our e-mobility and renewable energy markets
un employé du groupe defontaine manipule une importante couronne en métal

A key player focused on new technologies at the service of people and the environment:

  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Factory of the future 
  • Digital communication 
  • Live monitoring parts
un employé du groupe defontaine travaille sur une couronne d'orientation

Committed to people:

  • Living and working together
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Occupational safety culture
  • Knowledge transfer