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Focus: flash-butt welding

In the video below, Olivier Raffin, Quality Manager within the Defontaine Group and a graduate of ESSA EAPS welding school, explains the flash-butt welding process, its applications and its advantages.

The Defontaine Group’s flash-welding process, like the rolling and forging processes, is key processes on the market. The Defontaine Group makes use of this process to manufacture raw rings from long bars. A low-voltage, high-intensity power is passed through the ring, bringing both ends up to melting temperature, producing sparks. The two ends are then forged together, ejecting the excess metal outwards. This spark welding process is efficient, reliable and economical. it allows to:

  • Weld bars and profiles without adding metal
  • Reduce material costs and machining times for Group customers.
  • Réduire les coûts de matière et les temps d’usinage des clients du groupe.
video subtitled in English

For more information on the different special processes within the Defontaine Group: https://www.defontaine.com/en/processes/

17 May 2024