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Our Defontaine laboratories ensure top-quality products

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Defontaine materials testing laboratory, the key to cutting-edge innovation

The Defontaine Group team of highly qualified technicians is dedicated to innovation on a daily basis.

The materials testing laboratory is an essential structure to meet the demands of your applications and guarantee the quality, reliability and durability of our high precision parts.

Un technicien defontaine effectue des tests sur matériaux

A team of experts ensuring top-quality products

Our team of 4 technicians and a metallurgical expert manages over 3,500 tests on average per year. The materials testing laboratory guarantees the metallurgical quality of its products: the Defontaine Group is always prepared to meet the needs of internal and external customers.

In order to provide optimum metallurgical quality, Defontaine’s teams validate the production, supply inspection, technical assistance and failure analysis of its products.

un technicien defontaine effectue un test de polissage pour garantir une qualité métallurgique

We perform a broad range of destructive tests on our metallic and elastomeric materials:

  • Mechanical tests: tensile test at room temperature, creep rupture and hardness tests (Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, IRHD, Shore), Jominy hardenability test, etc.
  • Metallographic tests: macroscopic (textures, fibre structure, etc.) and micrographic (structure, inclusion cleanliness, grain size, carbide distribution, replication technique, etc.) examinations
  • Heat treatment tests, using 2 ovens with a temperature range of 560°C to 1180°C, climatic chambers and a heat pump
  • Salt spray tests
  • Viscosity tests
  • Level II US tests

The materials testing laboratory of the Defontaine Group has been certified by Nadcap – Materials Testing Laboratory (MTL) since 2008. This service is also qualified by Safran Group, Airbus and MTU.

Would you like to know more about quality at Defontaine?

Defontaine metrology laboratory

2 metrologists carry out calibration and maintenance operations on a stock of more than 9,000 measuring instruments, of which 6,500 are active (98% of this stock is calibrated and repaired in-house).

Our industrial metrology laboratory covers the following fields of calibration activities:

  • Dimensional – length measurements: 
    • fixed dimensions (plain/threaded pads and rings); 
    • variable dimensions (calliper / micrometers / depth gauge); 
    • comparing (comparators, inductive sensors).
  • Force (dynamometers, sensors)
  • Torque (torque spanners, power guns, screwdrivers, torque meters)
  • Hardness (UCI, Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell, IRHD, Shore, Equotip)
  • Surface conditions (standards, roughness meters, contour analysis station)
  • Ultrasounds (thickness, hardening depth)
  • Non-destructive testing measuring equipment
  • Weighing instruments (scales, load cells, pallet trucks)
  • Temperature (contact and infrared thermometers)
  • Speed (tachometers)
  • 3D machines (with contacts)
  • Granite surface plates
  • Optical machines (profile projectors and microscopes)
  • Specific inspection templates 
  • Sundry measuring devices
un technicien defontaine effectue une opération d'étalonnage
des instruments de mesure à aiguilles defontaine

Our quality certifications