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Industrial equipment manufacturer, creator of sustainable value

Defontaine, an international industrial reference

Defontaine is the historic brand of the Defontaine Group. Today, Defontaine is a reference in the design and manufacture of complex mechanical parts. With over 70 years of expertise, Defontaine has been able to develop its activity internationally and to develop its vision as a general manufacturer of the industrial world.

les bâtiments de production du groupe industriel defontaine

History of Defontaine, high-precision equipment manufacturer

The Defontaine family business was founded in 1946. It all began with a meeting between the founder of Citroën and the future founder of Defontaine, who came from a family of Vendée blacksmiths. An innovative project emerged further to this meeting, a technical challenge that will have an impact on car engines for years to come: making a starter ring from a steel bar produced with the flash-butt welding technology. A unique technique forming the foundation of the company’s development.

l'atelier du groupe defontaine destiné à l'aerospace

Our Defontaine expertise

Defontaine has developed flash-butt welding process for many years and is a reference in the market. This powerful, reliable and economical flash-butt welding process allows bars and profiles to be welded without the use of filler metal. This technique reduces the amount of material used.

The flash-butt welding process is complemented by the following heat treatment processes:

  • Vacuum heat treatment
  • Induction heat treatment

Our Defontaine markets

The main sectors of activity concerned by Defontaine products are:

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Spares & Services


We have set up specific services to guarantee the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers throughout our exchanges.

Deadline constraints, technical challenges, secured deliveries, guaranteed lifespan of parts… The services of the Defontaine Group facilitate our collaboration.