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The Defontaine Group service designed to deliver in the shortest possible time

Defontaine logistics, an optimised and efficient system

Logistics is considered as a key service within the Defontaine Group. Our logistics systems are optimised and efficient and enable the management of physical flows from the purchase of raw materials from our suppliers to the delivery of our products to our customers.

A service meeting our customers' needs

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The Defontaine Group’s logistics services are dedicated to enhancing customer experience and maintaining a long-term relationship of trust with our partners. With our high-performance logistics systems, we can adapt to your needs in order to meet your deadlines (On Time Delivery) and quality objectives. 

We offer:

  • Fast, worldwide delivery by road, sea and air to over 70 countries;
  • Stock availability;
  • Parts stored on request in our Defontaine warehouses; 
  • Tailored packaging to ensure product protection.

Precision from the products to the delivery

For your mass production requirements, we organize ourselves in a “Just in Time” perspective: parts delivered when you need them, in the shortest possible time.

Within the Defontaine Group, we have specially set up a logistics service dedicated to spare parts. This service consists of real-time monitoring of our stock movements. Thanks to this, we ensure that your product is delivered as quickly as possible under the best conditions.

Packaging, shipping, receiving: a carefully studied process

To ensure the quality of our services, we measure our delivery performance through service rate indicators, or OTD (On Time Delivery). These indicators are shared with our clients and allow us to carry out monthly internal reviews, and to set up proactive actions to continuously improve our performance.

We aim for excellence and 100% OTD for all our customers.

We master EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication, in accordance with the latest standards in the automotive or aerospace industries: from receiving your order calls to dispatching and invoicing of parts, we know how to automate and exchange all the data necessary to meet your schedule in real time.

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