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Supporting all demanding industries in manufacturing of slewing rings, housings, flanges and other rings

Defontaine Group, a renowned expert in various industrial sectors

The Defontaine Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of slewing rings, housings, flanges and other rings. We export our production to more than 65 countries worldwide on all 5 continents.

The Defontaine group has the capacity to meet the needs of many sectors of activities: oil, gas, nuclear, construction, mining, handling, water treatment, etc. The group, with its Rollix and Defontaine brands, makes it possible to find solutions to meet specific demands in all sectors.

For each of our customers’ projects, we apply the rules of design for manufacturing, combined with a zero-defect policy. This process optimising method allows us to produce long-lasting quality parts.

We control the entire supply chain, from the supply of materials (steel, stainless steels, titanium alloys, aluminium, nickel and cobalt bases), to delivery to our customers’ sites worldwide.

We use special processes (welding, heat treatment, laboratory tests and non-destructive testing) certified by Nadcap and the most demanding manufacturers.

Certified production workshops:

  • ISO 9001, 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • EN/AS 9100
  • Nadcap Heat Treating, Nadcap Welding, Non destructive testing, Nadcap Material Testing Laboratory

Slewing rings for special applications

Rollix has been designing and manufacturing slewing rings for specific applications such as radars, antennas and telescopes, in both civil and military applications, since 1977.

Our design office provides the expertise necessary to meet the most complex requirements for the manufacture of steel, aluminium or titanium rings. We use special materials withstanding extreme temperatures.

Rollix slewing rings for these applications are manufactured to combine accurate orientation, high-stiffness and very low torque.

Our products are designed in close cooperation with our customers to meet their particular specifications.

Slewing rings for the construction industry

Rollix has been supplying slewing rings for highly specific applications in the construction and public works sector since the 1970s. Our extensive expertise guarantees the delivery of preloaded rings combining reliability and performance, even in harsh environments.
We design custom-made slewing rings for:
  • Demolition robots
  • Cranes: loader cranes, telescopic cranes
  • Concrete pumps
  • Drilling equipment
  • Road machinery
  • Dosing and mixing stations
Rollix slewing rings are used every day on thousands of construction sites around the world. They are designed for the construction sector with a size range from 150 mm to 5,000 mm. We supply ball bearing, cross-roller or roller type slewing rings.
defontaine construction

Other applications for our flanges and casings: drones and the aerospace industry

The Defontaine design office provides advice and designs custom-made casings, flanges or rings in collaboration with its customers.

We have the ability to apply new techniques and technologies to keep up with the developments in demanding industry sectors. Therefore, we can provide high-quality circular parts for your drones or for the aerospace industry.

Manufacturer of circular parts for gas turbines in the energy sector

Defontaine designs and manufactures casing, flange and ring solutions for gas turbines in the energy sector. We produce parts in small, medium or large series based on our customers’ needs. We use various technical processes adapted to the demanding applications of our customers. Our production department applies lean manufacturing to deliver products just-in-time, with cost and quality control. We develop various special processes to offer a complete service. Production is based on lean manufacturing for the most prestigious engine programmes.

Slewing rings for handling equipment

Rollix supplies slewing rings for handling equipment. Rollix’s high-stiffness pre-stressed rings provide high-quality design perfectly fitted for the tallest telescopic lifts.
Examples of applications of our slewing rings in handling equipment:
  • Gantry cranes on wheels
  • Reach stackers
  • Aerial platforms
  • Fire trucks
The Rollix design provides very compact bearings for our rings, perfectly suited for handling products. At Rollix, we also pay close attention to the control procedures to ensure that our customers can easily install the system, ultimately increasing the efficiency of the machines for all handling applications.
defontaine handling

Flanges, rings or components for the hydrogen technology sector

Defontaine focuses on the ongoing and upcoming developments in the hydrogen technology sector, and is working with major manufactures in order to actively contribute to the challenges of reducing the level of greenhouse gases. Our equipment and manufacturing processes allow us to produce flanges for electrolysers.
defontaine hydrogen

Slewing rings for the mining

Rollix has been supplying large diameter slewing rings to leading customers in the mining industry for 40 years. For example, the 5-metre diameter slewing rings can be used to equip stacker-reclaimers. We provide a wide range of products from 150 mm to 6,000 mm for various complex applications in the mining sector from bucket excavators to ship loaders and unloaders. Our engineering expertise and production quality provide products
with exceptional reliability for heavy-duty mining applications. Our engineers carry out calculations for the raceway and gears based on finite element analysis. Our engineers carry out calculations for the raceway and gears based on finite element analysis. Application examples for our mining sector slewing rings:
  • Stacker reclaimers / spreaders
  • Bucket / chain excavators
  • Ship loaders / unloaders
  • Thickeners and clarifiers
  • Multipurpose vehicles for underground mining.
Rollix supplies slewing rings and has developed specific sealing solutions for the mining environment.
defontaine mine

Casings and flanges and other types of rings in the nuclear sector

At Defontaine, we have the capacity to produce circular parts for our customers in the nuclear sector. We have a long-standing partnership with leading nuclear OEMs. We also contribute to specific EPR developments for precision machining services in turning/milling and/or non-destructive testing, etc. as a subcontractor. A few examples of applications for our parts in the nuclear sector:
  • Flanges for valves,
  • Flanges for waste containers,
  • Slewing rings for handling equipment
We have the capacity to supply parts from 150 mm to 5,500 mm in size.
defontaine nuclear

Slewing rings for small wind turbines

Rollix is the leading supplier of blade rings and nacelles for the wind energy industry. 1 in 4 wind turbines is equipped with our rings, which represents 21% of the world’s existing wind farms.

At Rollix, we adapt and develop our range of rings for small wind turbines in close cooperation with the wind turbine manufacturers. We can produce slewing rings for small wind turbines from 10 kW upwards and without any limit.

Our wind turbine engineering department designs the rings based on finite element calculations. The slewing rings undergo extensive testing: on rolling elements, sealing, lubrication, thus allowing to produce extremely reliable parts.

Pipe reinforcement flanges for the oil and gas industry

Defontaine has been manufacturing circular parts since 1966, and is able to meet the needs of the oil and gas sector.Therefore, we work in close partnership with the major OEMs providing oil and gas fluid processing solutions. In this context, we produce flanges for water, oil and liquefied gas pipes. The expertise and high level of competence of our employees enables us to produce parts with special processes, for our customers. For example, for the oil and gas sector, we use a special press quenching process, allowing us to control the deformation of the product during the heat treatment process.
defontaine oil and gas

Slewing rings for water treatment plants

Rollix has been supplying the world’s leading water treatment companies for over 40 years. The reliability of our parts guarantees the productivity of the stations.
Application examples in the water treatment sector:
  • Large clarifiers (scraper bridges)
  • Suction hoses
  • Thickeners (pickets)
  • Suction bridges
Our customers and partners can count on our responsiveness with a guaranteed reply within 24 hours. We provide quick and complete technical solutions for all slewing ring projects. In order to offer high-quality service to our customers, we have set up a safety stock for standard slewing rings in the water treatment sector, for quick delivery of the required spare parts.
defontaine water treatment
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