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Flanges & Sectors

High-quality manufacturing process for demanding projects

Defontaine, unique expertise in the manufacture of flanges and sectors

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The Defontaine Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of complex parts for the aerospace and industrial markets and offers a wide range of flanges and sectors.

Our dimensional capabilities range from 150 mm to 6,500 mm in diameter. We work with the following materials: nickel-based, cobalt-based alloys, titanium, steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Our expertise is recognised worldwide for both military and civil programs. We manage the entire supply chain from the supply of materials to the delivery of finished parts, including quality control of the production process.

Specific expertise: producing flanges using flash-butt welding

We use the flash-butt welding process to manufacture static or rotating parts. This process offers the possibility to obtain tolerances in compliance with the finished dimensions of our parts, without residual stress. 

Our design office is able to produce the finest and most complex flanges based on drawings and co-designing with our customers. The shaping process we use allows us to produce parts in compliance with the finished part dimensions and thus reduce the raw material used. We control the entire process from the manufacture of the flash-butt welded blank in compliance with the finished part dimensions to final machining contributing to cost improvements.

Over the years, Defontaine has become an expert in flanges and sectors with an ever-increasing degree of technical sophistication.

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Our range of Defontaine flanges


The quality of our products is recognised by major manufacturers for demanding applications. The machining resources we use for turning, milling and machining enable us to provide a wide range of high-precision flanges, sectors, static or rotating parts. They can be integrated into complex mechanical assemblies or casings.

We are present on most civil, military and helicopter engine programs, and produce parts for the entire engine from air intake casings to exhaust nozzles.

Our flange sizes range from 150 mm to 6,500 mm.

Examples of flanges produced by Defontaine: 

  • Helicopter turbine flanges from flash-butt welded and rolled rings
  • Reactor rectifier shells
  • Rings for combustion chamber
  • Rings for HP or LP compressor
  • Engine mounting flanges for exhaust nozzles
  • Abradable support 
  • Rear casing shell
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Defontaine has developed specific expertise in the production of sectors to complete the range of flange products.

We have developed our own cutting process and work with our subcontracting partners, to anticipate deformations and guarantee the dimensions of the flange sectors.

Why choose Defontaine flanges?

Defontaine’s machining facilities offer the possibility of producing a wide range of flanges and sectors from 150 mm to 6,500 mm. We use blanks to comply with the finished part dimensions, enabling us to offer competitive solutions. We offer a complete service package with our dimensional and non-destructive testing facilities and assembly workshop, and deliver a finished part ready for assembly or engine mounting to our customers.

Sectors concerned

Discover our sectors of expertise

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Associated services

Study & design



Spares & Services


Defontaine, flange and sector manufacturer, will provide the guidance you need to find the most suitable solution for your application.

Our key processes

Roulé-soudé par étincelageFlash-butt welding
Usinage et rectification de précisionPrecision machining and grinding
Trempe sous pressePress quenching
Traitement thermique par inductionInduction heat treatment
Procédés spéciauxSpecial processes

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