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A history of technological expertise for your engines

Manufacture/design of complex mechanical assemblies by Defontaine

Defontaine specialises in the manufacture of complex mechanical assemblies and other types of complex assemblies. 

Since 1980, we have developed a mechanised welding process for aerospace industry parts mounted on helicopter turbines. This type of manufacturing involves a wide range of Defontaine’s trades:

  • Forging and machining for the manufacture, flash-butt welding and rolling of flanges 
  • TIG welding 
  • Boilermaking 
  • Heat treatments 
  • Non-destructive testing 
  • Finish machining: turning and milling-drilling on 3 to 5-axis machining centres
  • Testing on three-dimensional machine 
  • Assembly of components 

All these techniques are fully mastered by our group.

Tailor-made service to meet your technical challenges

The manufacturing process of Defontaine welded assemblies is adapted to the specific features of your product.

Therefore, we can implement different processes to best meet your technical challenges. For example, we offer casing manufacturing using the grinding process: production in an air-conditioned environment, adapted expertise and specific facilities.

Based on our continuous improvement policy we regularly invest to develop our know-how on more complex parts. As a result, we can meet the demanding tolerance requirements for new generations of engines.

un employé defontaine utilise une machine de précision

Would you like to tell us about your complex mechanical assembly project?

Defontaine range of complex mechanical assemblies

Complex high-precision machined components and mechanical assemblies

We can work with our customers on projects with complex welded assemblies up to 2 meters in diameter.

Examples of products:

  • Reactor rectifier shell
  • High-pressure turbine casing
  • etc.

Ready-to-install aircraft and helicopter engine parts and kits

For more than 20 years, Defontaine has been providing expertise in the manufacture and delivery of ready-to-install parts. These parts can be assembled on engines in various locations around the world: on aircraft or helicopters.

un employé defontaine en veste bleue utilise une machine de production

Why choose Defontaine complex mechanical assemblies?

Since its creation, Defontaine has positioned itself as a leader in the market, specialising in the manufacture of complex mechanical parts.

The fundamental concept behind our company consists in mastering the assembly of complex mechanical units from start to finish. The entire process including selecting the sheet metal, producing the flange, assembling the entire unit is performed in-house. For our customers, we provide the required expertise for manufacturing processes allowing for optimal cost and time management.

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Defontaine is a specialist in complex mechanical assemblies, and will provide advice and guidance to find the most suitable solution for your application. We are at your side to optimise your performance.

Our key processes

Roulé-soudé par étincelageFlash-butt welding
Usinage et rectification de précisionPrecision machining and grinding
Trempe sous pressePress quenching
Traitement thermique par inductionInduction heat treatment
Procédés spéciauxSpecial processes

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