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Slewing rings for the medical sector

Partner of the medical and pharmaceutical sector professionals

Over 40 years of expertise in the medical sector

Rollix has been specialising in rings for the medical sector for 40 years. We are approved by the market leaders in X-ray machines.

Rollix medical slewing rings are designed to provide the constant low torque and low noise levels required for high-performance machines.

Our expertise is based on simultaneous engineering. We offer customised slewing ring designs for all applications. We manufacture slewing rings with ball bearings, cross-rollers or specific custom designs.

We work for the medical industry (X-ray tables, robots, X-ray inspection machines) and also for the pharmaceutical industry. In this field, we support our customers in all stages of drug production: mixing, filling, cleaning.

Our anechoic chamber allows us to analyse the impact of raceways and gear characteristics to optimise noise levels. We adapt the geometry of our products to the noise tolerance level required by our customers.

The perfect roundness and high precision of our bearings are the result of our exclusive finishing process and the pairing of the rings and rolling elements. We also offer innovative sealing solutions to prevent leakage in a sterile environment including “clean rooms”.

  • 40 years of expertise in the medical sector
  • Slewing rings from 100 mm to 6,000 mm in diameter
  • We deliver rings to over 65 countries worldwide
  • ISO 1400, ISO 9001/2000 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications

High-quality slewing rings

Rollix slewing rings are distributed worldwide from our production site in France. We ensure just-in-time delivery to our customers in over 65 countries. We also keep a safety stock of our slewing rings to quickly restock our customers, if needed.

Rollix slewing rings are preloaded and can be lubricated for life. As a result, the ring has the lowest operating cost on the market while maintaining an optimal service life.

couronnes d'orientation rollix pour sedecal x plus LP

Discover Rollix slewing rings for the medical sector

couronne d'orientation rollix pour industrie du vent

At Rollix, we design custom-made slewing rings for the medical sector. In close collaboration with our customers, our design office aims to test and design high-quality rings for the following devices:

  • X-ray machine
  • Scanner
  • Processors
  • X-ray table
  • Medical robot
  • Drug production
  • Mixer for the pharmaceutical industry

Rollix slewing rings can be equipped with an automatic lubrication system on request, or be lubricated for life depending on the application.

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Rollix, expert in slewing rings

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Rollix is a French manufacturer producing slewing rings from 100 to 6,000 mm in diameter, with ball bearings, cross-roller bearings or specific custom designs. For over 40 years, our slewing rings have been used by professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

We offer innovative solutions and design parts specifically made for your application.

Rollix is an approved partner certified by a market leader in X-ray machines, and provides expert advice and guidance in the design and manufacture of your slewing rings for the medical sector.We are at your side to optimise your performance.

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Deadline constraints, technical challenges, secure deliveries, guaranteed lifespan of parts… the services of the Defontaine Group facilitate our collaboration.

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