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Spares & Services

Rollix services for your slewing rings

Our experts will provide advice and offer technical support to find the spare blade bearing adapted to your needs.

Rollix is the leader in this technology, and offers a very large stock of spare parts for the industry and for all wind turbines manufactured worldwide: Vestas / Siemens Gamesa / GE / Alstom, etc.

Let us know how we can help you, we will be happy to answer any questions.

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Your spare rings in stock

Do you need a spare slewing ring? 

Rollix offers interchangeable spare slewing rings. Most of our slewing rings are available in stock for quick delivery. We also guarantee all our spare parts for one year.

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Dedicated logistics service for fast delivery

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Our dedicated logistics service allows for fast delivery of spare rings anywhere in the world.

Do you have an emergency? We can assist you.

We offer adequate packaging for all delivery locations.

The slewing ring supply includes a full offer and a single contact person

Do you need threaded fasteners, lifting rings, replacement seals or grease traps? Request a quote.

Preventive and corrective maintenance service

In-situ maintenance, anywhere in the world.

Our team of experts carries out maintenance and servicing operations directly on site, to ensure that your slewing rings are in perfect working order and extend their service life: videoscopic inspection, grease analysis, seal replacement, etc. All our technicians are GWO qualified specialists.

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The product you are looking for is on our e-commerce platform

Technical inspection of your slewing rings in our workshops

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We will examine your ring in our workshops: visual inspection, measurement of deflection and torque, disassembly of the ring, verification of the raceway and components, destructive and non-destructive testing (magnetic particle, ultrasonic testing, internal laboratory, etc.). Further to the inspection, we will provide a full report determining the cause of the malfunction.

Rollix advantage: 

Technical inspection on all brands of slewing rings.

Retrofit of your slewing rings

Rollix promotes reuse and offers an innovative and economical solution to refit your slewing rings according to their condition. Retrofit includes: 

  • thorough cleaning, 
  • extensive inspection of rings and components, 
  • reassembly with new seals,
  • lubrication,
  • new coating. 

Your wind turbine ring is ready to be reassembled and comes with a new 6-month warranty.

Rollix advantage: 

Performance and reduction of our environmental impact.

Recovery and recycling of your old rings

Rollix will manage your slewing rings at the end of their operational life according to the regulatory obligations and environmental standards in force. The components of your rings are sorted and then destroyed or recycled for the manufacture of new products. Slewing rings can be recycled up to 99%.

Rollix advantage: 

Involvement in the sustainable management of natural resources and raw materials.

Learn more about Rollix and wind power

Rollix, a partner for industrials

Rollix has been designing and manufacturing slewing rings and special bearings from 100 to 6,000 mm in diameter, with or without gear since 1969.

With over 95% of our production exported to over 65 countries, we offer innovative and global solutions designed specifically for your application.

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