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A Rollix slewing ring to break the world sailing speed record!

SP80 has one goal: reaching 150 km per hour (80 knots) by 2024 with a revolutionary boat powered by the wind!

For this, the Swiss company has been developing a unique control system: onboard, in a closed cockpit and with such forces involved, it is impossible to use a conventional kite bar. The team has been working on an innovative steering system with a wheel, hydraulic controls and a Rollix slewing ring to manage the kite while respecting rules for the record.

The Defontaine Group is very happy to provide SP80 with its technology so to develop such a great innovative project. The slewing ring will be set up inside the hull and will link the boat to its kite. The whole system continuously aligns the pulling force of the kite with the foil’s force so that the boat can steadily accelerate to 80 knots!

For more information: https://sp80.ch/

17 January 2023