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Rollix RT

Rollix announced on September 13th the launch of its new range: Rollix RT. Dedicated to rotary tables, indexing tables, machine tool tables, machining centres, milling machines and drilling machines, Rollix offers this range of dedicated rings from 200 to 1,030 mm.

Highly focused on innovation, Rollix’s R&D teams have developed the Rollix RT product range to satisfy all industrial companies with rotary tables, indexing tables, machine tool tables, machining centres, milling and drilling machines. With this new range, Rollix targets both new machine providers and the aftermarket.

Rollix is aware of the importance of maintaining production within companies. With its optimal customer service, its team is totally committed to maintaining its customers’ productivity. The Rollix RT range is available through its distributors network on the 5 continents for reduced supply times and through the Rollix e-shop for instant order processing whatever the time zone.

Main strengths of the Rollix RT range are:

  • Interchangeability with the standard references on the market: similar speed range, identical precision;
  • Longer life than the market average;
  • 5 year parts warranty on new machine tools.

Made of 100c6 steel, each product in this Rollix RT range is composed of 3 rows of rollers.

Technical characteristics of the Rollix RT range:

  • very high rigidity;
  • high rotational accuracy;
  • high geometrical quality;
  • high tilting moment capacity;
  • range from 200 to 1,030 mm;
  • usable from -25°C to +120°C.

If you want to know more about the detailed technical specifications, please see the Rollix precision brochure

13 September 2022